Let's Origami it!

Did you play with the amazing Cicada Game origamis at one of our events and would you like to make your own at home?

Here is how. First of all click on one of the images below and print the PDF.

Now let's assemble it:


(1) Fold the square in two, with the printed side remaining on the outside.


(2) Facing the wings side and having number 2 the right way up, fold on the line numbered 2 so that the tip of the wing comes towards us.


(3) Do the same with number 3, so as to obtain a square. Now we can see number 4 and 5, upside down.


(4) Let's turn the square round so that we face numbers 4 and 5 the right way up. Now, let's fold the white triangles towards ourselves. Careful that the line is not straight! The tip of the wing has to come out the square.


(5) Same thing for step 5. Now we should be able to see step 6.


(6) Fold the top triangle down, so that you can see the head and the eyes of the cicada looking at you!


(7) Turn the cicada upside down. Fold along the line next to line 7. You shouldn't see any or only a little bit of the cicada wing.


(8) Same as step 7.


(9) Now turn the origami upside down and admire your creation!

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