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Posted by Davide, 16 March 2013

Long time since our last post! But this time we've got seriously exciting news. The New Forest Cicada Project was present today at the Science and Engineering Fair 2013, at Uni Southampton. From 10:30am to 4:30am we entertained families with a brand new Cicada Game Children had to find 4 electronic cicadas, which looked a lot like these:

electronic cicada

They were scattered around the fair and emitted four different sounds, between 15 and 18 kHz. Each had a different colour and they were hard to spot at sight, but not difficult to find with a smartphone. Many people came back to us, having found them all, but some of them only found a couple and few didn't find any at all!

I must say, the background noise was incredible, so it was harder to find them there than it will be to find the real ones in the Forest. However, that gave us the idea to calibrate devices according to the surroundings.

Younger children could also fold some origami, and little us had to colour in some cicada outlines. I think all of them had a great time and hopefully learnt about endangered animals and how we can help saving them before they become extinct. All the material we used will soon be on the website, so watch this space!

Where you at the Science Day? Did you stop by our stand? If so, post a comment below and let us know what you think about the project and the activities!


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Martha P. I was there with my children and they had an amazing time. We brought home sm origami and they showed them to daddy when he got home. Thanks for all the entertainment!
Jane Hello, you said the drawings will be on the website. Is this still happening? THanks
Davide Yes it is. We will upload them very soon as cards for the Memory game you saw on the day. Watch this space and thanks for stopping by!

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