Back from Slovenia!

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Posted by Davide, 10 July 2012

Alex and I are back from Slovenia, where we went to meet two world-experts on cicadas, Dr Tomi Trilar and Prof Matija Gogala. We visited two known sites and immediately found cicadettae montanae (the same species as the New Forest Cicada). We didn’t manage to photograph any, but we got lots of recordings using smartphones, portable digital recorders, and professional recording equipment. The initial analysis of the recordings looks really promising, and the trip confirmed our initial hypothesis that common smartphones can *easily* detect the frequencies that make up the cicada’s song, and we ended up using Alex’s iPhone as a cicada detector whilst collecting recordings. Last but not least, I got to visit my family in Italy, and much to everyone’s surprise found some cicadas (not cicadettae montanae though) singing very loudly in my back garden.


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