The app has landed!

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Posted by Davide, 03 June 2013

It is with great pleasure that today we announce that the app has finally landed on the iOS and Android stores!

Having refined the algorithm and implemented some new exciting features, the app is ready to go out to the Forest and be tested thoroughly on every possible device.

We are keen to hear your feedback, so try it out and let us know what you think. You can contact us at, discuss it here on the blog or on the forum or drop us a line on twitter.

Download the app and join the Hunt!



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Greg Arding Hi, I have added a blog post to encourage the children in my class to help with this. Fingers crossed! Greg Arding Y5 Orchard Junior School
Alex That's great. Many thanks.
grover I live near Romsey slightly east of the forest. At about 11pm. on Monday 3rd. I heard a knock on the window in my study, I was near to the window and thought it was the normal type of noise when the moths are around but when I looked at the insect it was quite unusual, having clear wings, dark stripes along the body but the most noticeable things were one either side of it's head and looked like rounded near to it's front legs or feelers, anyway it gave up after about 5-6 minutes and moved on. It was so unusual that I mentioned it to my wife next morning and she showed me today the photo in the Echo. I am convinced it is the same specimen.
Alex Very exciting. They sing very loudly around noon on a still warm day, so please download the app and try to get a recording.

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